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German Shorthair Pointers

INTCH Drehbar's & Sabrina's Naughty Girl


Spank is a beautiful Liver Roan - She has all the hunt drive of her parents and is OFA Excellent Hips, Cardiac Normal, Eye Cerf Clear and LD Clear

IntCH Drehbar's Just a Small Town Girl


Journey is a beautiful black roan who excels hunting wild grouse in the UP.  Journey is OFA excellent hips, and LD carrier.  (she is often used when training our young pups!)

Drehbar's CC


CC is a young Black and white female who shows a lot of promise in the bird field - she is soft mouthed and one of the sweetest girls - she will be showing this summer.

Countryside's Send In Cash


Cash is the best grouse dog!  He is OFA excellent , Cardiac Normal, Eye Cerf clear and LD CLear.